Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Think Ye of Christmas

While Shepherds Watched-S

I will take a break from my furious quilting to let you know about something you will be interested in, especially if you live in Provo or Midway.

My friend, Jana, illustrated a book that was released last year. The message of the book is: Christmas is what you make of it. If you are aware of the symbolism of the season you will have a Christmas full of Christ. Some of the writing is a little too conversational for me--you are thinking--"Brecken! have your read how you write?!"  But, that is probably why I think it, because I find it annoying in my own style. But, the style of writing doesn't change the message, there are some lovely reminders, and even lovelier illustrations.

The colors are beautiful, and Jana's style is enthralling, I'm tempted to head down to Provo so I can see her, and the original paintings.
Light of the World-S

She will be displaying the original paintings from What Think Ye of Christmas and signing books and prints at Provo Art and Frame tomorrow afternoon (Dec. 2).

She will also be signing books and prints on Saturday morning (Dec. 3) at Swiss Christmas in Midway.
(If I can find a ukulele on Saturday morning we will be going to Midway.)

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charrette said...

Brecken! I just happened to see this in my reader! Oh, how I love unsolicited praise! Thank you so much for helping to spread the word! It would be fun to see you! I hope you make it down tomorrow...or up on Saturday.