Friday, December 23, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

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I was a little stressed leading up tot he Ward Christmas party because I had been tasked with finding some musical entertainment. I tried really hard to not take the "easy" way out, but ended up in the end taking that way out anyway. Is it weird that I would rather stand up and perform in front of people rather than call someone else and ask them to do it?

There is a 12 year old in our ward, that is just a sweet heart. He just graduated from primary so I knew him from there. And a little bird called his mom told me he was sad that he had graduated before the primary program, so I took that as a permission to get him to do something. He played the violin and I played the piano. It was lovely. The only thing was people talked through his whole performance. Then Justin stood at the microphone and I played the guitar and he sang a bit.

While my responsibility was happening, Reuben was off with the primary kids getting costumes on. He told us on the way to the party that he wanted to be an angel. Well, apparently "Boys aren't angels." Please forgive my mother bear for a moment: BOYS ARE TOO ANGELS! This is the only time that the lack of female presence in the scriptures doesn't annoy me. Can you name one female angel? We know there are female angels, but the evidence is that there are boy angels. My sweet angel, stuck with it, and after all of the girls were given every last halo, he got a piece of white fabric tied around his head. (Which reminds me I need to go buy some halo making garland.)

Still my angel's spirits were just dampened enough to tell us the story. He still was glad to be an angel.

We also learned that gingerbread house decorating is not a group sport. To avoid bickering and hurt feelings there really needs to be one house per child. Some day our kids will learn that they just have to get along because the mommy's are just gonna be friends and that is that.

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