Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Shepherd's Carol

I prepped these for Primary Singing time, but thought I should share, because I know I am not the only one trolling the interwebs for something already prepped. This will also work great for FHE (we did it last night.) I taught it to the nursery with and signs. finger to mouth (hush) Hand over eyes (look) rocking baby. hands out and up (all) hands together forward (gifts).

I use the handbell set I have (that is what the color dots are) but you could use chimes. It works best to have the D cord on one side, and the A7 on the other with the D in the middle, and to point at the group when you want them to play.

I don't have any of the rights for the images, sorry guys.

The shepherd's Carol 1
The Shepherd's Carol 2
The Shepherd's Carol 3
The Shepherd's Carol 4
The Shepher'd Carol 5
The Shepherd's Carol 3
Shepherd Carol Bells phrase
Shepherd Carol Bells

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Mick said...

I would guess everything is public domain except the Christiansen and he'll probably sue yer butt.