Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

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I woke up at 6 worried about how much we needed to get through before 11 o'clock church. So, I started with myself. Showered, gathered music, instruments, turned on Christmas music, turned it up. Went downstairs into the boys room and sang along with the Christmas music, continued singing and picked up the boys to cuddle them. Finally, they woke up when I whispered "Merry Christmas." Reuben then went to wake up daddy.

Then it was time to open presents. The boys had a wonderful time, mommy and daddy had a wonderful time. No one was disappointed, or too extremely spoiled. Santa followed through with a pillow pet for each boy. Then we got a really cool hot wheels garage, muppet caper, Harry Potter the 8th, a wii with some games. Then it was blueberry pancakes on my new griddle/panini press, and off to get ready for church.

I left the boys and daddy to go make sure everything was set up for all of my musical numbers. I haven't been that nervous for sacrament meeting ever. Then, slowly every responsibility was taken care of, and I could start to enjoy my Christmas. I know I'm not the only willing and talented person in the ward, but for some reason most everything fell on me. It all turned out nicely, and it is all over.

We got home from church, put the ham in the oven, made all the sides, and played with our family gift of the wii while everything baked.
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We did a video chat with my family, and then we rushed over to my aunt and uncle's to spend some time with them. The day was gone like that, but all so pleasant.

I know I won't remember any of this in a few months, and that is why you get the play by play. So often holiday's get so much hype, and I really felt like we kept it under control, but just enough that it will stand out to the boys. 

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Becki said...

Beautiful post...and pictures!!! Your family is adorable...and your boys so cute!! I love the bed-head!!! So fun!!! Glad you had a good Christmas!!!