Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hair Cuts

If you rack your memories, you'll not be able to remember me posting hair cut pictures where I was not the hair cutter. A couple weeks ago, I found chunks of hair on the floor. Fine blond hair, and the little bit thinker little bit darker hair. The boys had helped themselves to a hair cut, chunks form the top of their heads. It could have been worse, it could have been in a place like their foreheads where it wouldn't hide as well.

Their scissor magic was a little too advanced for me to fix, so I took them to get hair cuts. Because I despise having misbehaving children in public places I took them to a kid's hair cut place. TV's little cars, a slide while we wait. It was lavish, and the height of luxury for these boys used to hair cuts in the bathroom.

Daddy still has to get his hair fixed from when he decided to cut it himself. But, he is old enough to have known better than to cut his own hair, so I'm not pushing to get it resolved. I tried to clean up some of his scissor magic, but gave up after a while.

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