Friday, October 28, 2011

Doctor Who halloween costumes

We have a favorite show in our house, we have lots of favorite shows, but this one is our favorite-st. It's on netflix streaming, or amazon prime. the episode called "blink" would be a perfect introduction (although there are no cybermen in that episode... its just really good, and as a warning, that one is pretty suspensful/scary.)

Reuben is a cyberman. Reuben and daddy made the helmet. I made the silver shirt a few years ago, and made some silver pants this year.

Simeon as the 11th doctor. I made this jacket, and bow tie. The jacket pattern was the worst written pattern I have ever seen, and instead of notches when you cut, you had to mark dots. but it is so cute, if I do say so myself.

I'm rose tyler, but haven't dressed up yet, so you will just have to wait for that reveal. And Daddy is going to be the 10th doctor. But he is at work. We have a ward trunk or treat tonight, and Justin made a tardis for the trunk. We are going all out on this theme. We just wish more people know how spot on we were getting it.


Becki said...

Oh my those videos are ADORABLE!!! I love little Simeon and his "Dr WHO?" :) :) :) :) Too cute!!! I've heard about this show...but never watched sister JJ does tho...I'll have to send her your blog link...she'll know how spot on you are!!! :) :)

Tammy Lorna said...

lol! Brecken that's adorable. And that jacket? totally awesome!

I actually do know how spot on you're getting it, because one of my housemates totally loves this series. Rebuens "you will be deleted" was pretty spot on too... till he got bored and wandered away, lol!

Miss you guys! Mum and Abby are throwing me a big halloween dressup birthday party tonight, and you guys would TOTALLY fit in :) I'm thinking of going as Elphaba... I just hope the green paint is easy to get off though, because we've got church in the morning... hahah!

xoxox Tammy

hilary said...

You guys are AWESOME! Such a cute idea!

Kirstin said...