Saturday, September 3, 2011

I am 29

Isn't it funny, that when you get to a certain age, everyone just becomes the same age as you. Especially if they have the same amount of children as you do?

Well, let it be known I am 29 today and tomorrow. Monday, is a different story. Send me presents! They can come in the comments, your favorite memory, or thing about me, why you think I am awesome, etc. It will make me happy, and a little sad because I'll probably miss you, because 80% of my favorite people are people I miss.


hanner said...

i think you are awesome for many reasons, but one is because you are great at keeping in touch with people far away—i always admire that in friends and value it. also, you are awesome for birthing really good-looking kids. happy birthday!

Kay Jones said...

Amen to all of the above. Love your blog. Remember, women are like fine wine, they get better with age.
I've never tried the wine bit, but I'm sure the rest is true.

Emily Poll said...

Brecken, you are amazing! We just miss you guys here & miss your sparkling personality but I love keeping up with your fun blog. You are such a great mom to Reuben and Simeon. I hope you have the best birthday ever and get to enjoy the day with your darling family. (Awesome that your birthday is on Labor Day this year...hopefully Justin gets the day off to spoil you.) Hugs from NYC!

Lark said...

Kind, creative, patient, great sister, supportive, talented, smart, all round wonderful-Happy Birthday!

Justin said...

Dear Brecken:

I decided it would be more fun to post this as a comment than as a blog post of its own. If it were a blog post I would probably title it "Forever 21"--when we met we we both 21--and you stood out to me as a beautiful, confident, and intelligent woman. I knew when you stood up and walked toward me that you were someone special, someone that I wanted to know. You continue to amaze me with your knowledge, talents, and example. You are a fount of knowledge and learning, an artist, a musician, and an attentive, wise, and insightful mother with much patience that I need to learn from. We will be together forever and your age will never matter, so this birthday comes as a chance to spend extra time celebrating someone who we all hold dear that I am certainly fortunate to have in my every day. I love you--happy birthday--and here's to an infinity more.


Mick said...

How can you be so OLD when your father is so young and vivacious?

Becki said...

Happy Birthday my Phatty!!! I hope you have had a GREAT day...and that you got to spend time with people you LOVE!!! Wish we could've been there for the bbq and party!!! We really need to have you guys over for dinner or meet or something!! I just want you to know that you are an AMAZING example and friend...even though distance has always been between us...your comments, thoughts, notes, and love has meant SO much to me!!! I love you and admire you for who you are...I'll think of us both as 12 & 13 or 14...because that's what I remember most. Even though it wasn't was fun and we made it through!! You are a GREAT person...and I love you for who you are!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tammy Lorna said...

Okay, I'm partway through a lovely long birthday email.... which has since become a belated birthday email... *sigh*

Isn't it exciting that the promise of my late birthday email is extending your birthday excitment though?!! lol!

Will send it through soon, I promise, and I really do hope you had a lovely day (with the 20% of people you love who could be
there :))

xoxoxoxoxo Tammy