Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Simeon

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Happy Birthday Sweet Simmy.

I love it when you sing along to songs, especially funny things on radio disney. Like, "Beep beep beep beep" in I love you like a love song baby.

I love that what ever problem you have can be solved by giving you a hug and singing "Angels watching over me."

I love your budding vocabulary, and your dropping of the R's and S's. I thought it was hilarious that you call grapes, "a-PAH!"

I love to watch you dance.

I love to watch you run, you favor one leg so it looks like gallop.

I love to cuddle with you. I love you fit your head in to the nape of my neck, or scoot down my lap until your head rests perfectly on my chest.

I love how you just want something to hold, like a car or a choo choo.

I love how you demand a binki, or take it out when ever you are by a sink to get it wet.

I love how you do an excited/terrified scream when you see animals.

I love how you say you are a "Poppy Guy," and how everyone is a "Bad Guy." 

I love how you love Reuben. How you jump up and put shoes on and bang on the door when I say it's time to go get "woo woo."

I love you! I'm so glad you are with us. You bring so much with your calm, observant, stubborn self. You are hilariously funny. You are loving, helpful, and kind.


Lark said...

Happy Birthday little boy!

Christina said...

So sweet. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy.