Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greek Festival

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Did you know Salt Lake City has an annual Greek Festival, and its a thing to do. EVERYONE was there. Food, dancing, concerts in the church, cooking demos. We basically only got food and saw some dancing. I didn't realize it was actually a big thing. We had fun, and the boys even ate the food. The gyros were good, and reminded us of street fairs in New York. I've been craving baklava ever since.

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Talyn said...

Were there belly dancers?

Baklava = easy to make.

Tammy Lorna said...

I went to the Greek festival in SLC a few times and totally loved it! :)

xoxo Tammy

Rachel said...

Three things:
1) Greek Festival in SLC is wonderful. The Albuquerque version is at the end of the month. Perhaps you guys should come down and compare?

2) Giada de Laurentis has a GREAT recipe for baklava that is super-easy. I mean, b isn't that difficult, but it's usually so time-consuming. These you make in muffin tins so you get individual pieces. Check

3) Happy Birthday. I'm so glad you got a Fancy Nancy Book. FN is my FAVORITE to read to my nieces. She's so magnificent!