Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have friends--that live by me and have kids that get along with my kids. You may all stop worrying about me. I have friends!

Now, you may all worry about a permanent job for Justin. If we could get it before Justin turns 30 that would be great. private insurance is expensive, and doesn't cover very much, and get's more expensive when you turn 30 (as I found out a month ago.) 

In other news, we are getting our Halloween costume's ready. If you like a certain bbc sci-fi show about a guy in a blue box you'll get it. It looks like we will have to throw our own party to show them off. Justin is very excited about trick-or-treating. I am very excited about the pictures I will take.


charrette said...

So HAPPY to read your FRIENDs announcement! Truly!
I will officially stop worrying. :) Oh, and Justin is so wonderful I'm sure he'll be irresistible to some savvy employer very soon!

Tammy Lorna said...

I just wish one of your 'friends who lived by you' was ME! lol :)

So glad you do though, that's wonderful. And no worries, I can move my worrying to Justin and the job now. How's it all looking for him getting a full time appointment?

Can't wait to see your costumes! We're not talking Dr Who are we? It's not a telephone box sized box is it? lol!

xoxo Tammy