Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Rule Number One: Have Fun
Rule Number Two: Listen to the Coach
Rule Number Three: Kick the Ball

Last night was Reuben's first soccer practice. The two boys in Reuben's primary class (all three starting Kindergarten) were going to be on the same soccer team, and they let me know in time to register him. I had a small internal struggle, was I ready to be a soccer mom? But Reuben's needs won out. Reuben will love the social aspect of the team. It will be good for him to run around.  There are social skills that Reuben needs to learn that will come quickly playing soccer.

Then I had to sign the agreement. I understand that soccer can lead to concussion or death. I thought soccer was low impact.

He met his team and coach. And he jumped in. Last year the team name was the dragons, but a few kids wanted to be called Sharks. Reuben Yelled, "How about the Dragon Sharks!" And everyone agreed. I was so proud of my little negotiator. And he thinks it is the coolest name in the world.

He tripped over the ball once. And tripped over a kid once. And he made a goal in the scrimmage.  On the walk home he said it was the best thing ever.

His first game is saturday.


Tammy Lorna said...

I can NOT believe you are a soccer mum! How bizzare! But totally great too :) Hope he loves it, and that every game day is overcast so you don't have to sit on an oval in the sun :)

xo Tammy

Kay Jones said...

My #4 son is a nationally licensed soccer coach/ref and loves it. He lives in West Murray, and his oldest son and daughter have played soccer for several years. The entire family loves it. Hope you do too.
No, that's not what he does for a living, but it's what he enjoys most!