Friday, August 19, 2011

Most Family friendly free concerts: SLC

2011_08_14 083

While, they are at night instead of noon-time the concerts in Brigham Young Memorial Park are the best that we have found. (Honestly, the summer is too hot at noon time in this place that can't grow any shade.) They seem to be geared to a pretty old demographic, but that means there is nothing offensive for your kids to ask about. It's a summer series, so there are only a few left. 7:30 on Tuesday and Friday for the rest of August.

Since we have to go downtown to pick up daddy anyway we make it a great night. I get a picnic, get there early so we can sit on a blanket in the front (although they do have a ton of chairs set up if you go for that.) And when the concert starts the whole park is in the shade of the church office building so its pretty comfortable.

I like them better than Gallivan center and Pioneer park because there aren't vendors, and they aren't as crowded.

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