Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kindergarten Eve

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The day before Reuben's first day of school needed to be special, so we went to the zoo. The one thing Reuben understands about school is that Simeon won't be there, and that seems to be the only downside for him.

We got there right at 9, so I let Simeon walk instead of strap him in the stroller because there was no one there. The boys had a great time running from thing to thing. And Reuben made sure that Simeon saw every cool thing there was to see. As the day went on the paths got more crowded, and the air got hotter. On our way out we found a giant misting fan. (I don't know why they would put it at the entrance/exit.) So we stood in front of it hoping to cool off before we got in the hot car. Reuben was so wet from the squirting elephant and 5 minutes of mist he took off his shirt in the car.

Simeon went on the carousel without crying. During the bird show the owl brushed the top of my head. Reuben touched a hunk of elephant poop.

It was so nice to see my boys have so much fun together. Simeon will be in for a shock today. No Reuben to get him a snack. No Reuben to cuddle with. No Reuben to sit on. No Reuben to play with. I'm a little nervous about nap rebellion. Reuben was switched to the AM class, so that means we will spend the morning without him, then pick him up. My fear is Simeon will not want to take a nap so he can play with Reuben.

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Everett Family said...

I love the shirts! Can't wait to make one for Will. I keep telling Kent we need to get together with you guys!