Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jordan's Golden Birthday

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2011_08_23 017

Courtlin and I were together, when we kind of made a plan based on a joke. You see, Jordan and I have this disease were we invite people to a party, but then no one, or two people show up. Justin and Courtlin have the opposite issue, they invite and then everyone brings a friend. So, we decided Courtlin would throw a surprise birthday party at my house (so I could be there).

I cleaned and rearranged the house. Jordan and Courtlin's friend came with her boyfriend to decorate. I made a cake and fruit dip. Then my house filled up, and as it did the table did to. Fifty two people. all waiting in my living room for Jordan to come. We had them park around the block so she wouldn't suspect all the cars.

Then she came. 52 people yelled surprise. and 52 people saw her in her pajamas and un-showered after her run. That's how you know it was a successful surprise party. The first words out of her mouth where, "AHHH! You Guys. I didn't shower!"

Reuben loved to play rock band, and thought it was the best party ever because they got to play a video game. Simeon was begging to go to sleep and slept through rock band.

I'm still vacuuming up confetti. Happy Birthday Jordan.


Live-Love-Laugh said...

love the first picture! i can just picture jordan saying. "AHHH! You guys. I didn't shower!" I wish I could have been there to suprise her!

Cary said...

I wish I looked like that after running and not showering!

Becki said...

GREAT sisters you guys are!!! And I agree...wish I could look like Jordan after a run or any exercise!!! Hope it was a GREAT surprise!!