Friday, July 29, 2011

Tuesday Night

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The boys and I went to temple square on Tuesday night, and when Justin was done with work he crossed the street and met us there. The plan was to picnic and go to a concert, but it had been raining on and off so the concert was moved inside. Luckily our Picnic was rain free, not that we were complaining because it was over cast and cool (well, as cool as you can hope for in the desert in july, and since I don't sweat the humidity was a welcome friend.)

The concert was a humorous accordion player Junior Hubrich, and if you will remember I am a sucker for the accordion. (the Riverside Park Accordion Festival is one of my favorite memories of New York.) Because of the rain it was moved inside the assembly hall. We couldn't really understand the vocals, but Reuben did catch, "Poison pigeons in the park" and said that was horrible, and that if he did that he should be arrested.

The highlight was the accordion for resting. Outfitted with cardboard, duct tape, twinkle lights, and a vacuum. He played Lady Gaga's bad romance (its a link to him not her). And the combustion resulting from a way too fast lady of spain.

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On the way back to the car we took a brief stop in the north visitor center to sit in front of Thorvaldsen's Christus. Simeon would point and say his version of "Jesus," then point to the painting of the earth and say "ball" Then point up and say "sky." Point to the painting of Saturn and say "ball." The repeat it all again. Reuben quietly sat and looked, and giggled when Simeon would call a planet a ball. When we were leaving Simeon said, "bye bye" and waved. And the four other people who were sitting up there whispered about how cute he was, which made me happy because they weren't complaining about how he was the only one making any the whole building.

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Talyn said...

I LOVE cucumbers on my sandwiches. I think you should come visit me and share all of your sandwich tips that you learned from marketplace cafe. Was that what it was called?