Saturday, July 23, 2011

No Fried Candy Bar

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We were going to a party in Provo, and figured we would stop at the Creamery on 9th before we went to the party, because that place has a special place in our hearts, and we don't make it down to Provo very often.

Justin asked me to be his girlfriend at the Creamery on 9th. Being carless living in Heritage Halls we had many a date there. The Creamery on 9th is where he found out my roommates and I had dubbed him "T-bone" because we didn't want to call him theater boy to his face.

Not much had changed, except they give you a number now so you can't give silly names to be announced when your order was ready, and they don't have fried candy bar sundaes anymore. (I was pretty disappointed.)

Then we walked over to our old apartments. There is no longer the little creek with the bridge, and the parking lot was under construction, I'm not sure what they are turning it into, but it's not there anymore. That door the boys and I are posed in front of was the door I went in and out of starting in April of 2001 until I got married December 2003.

Reuben took that picture of us kissing, where we had our first kiss.

Then we rushed over to meet our friends, we got lost of a bit, but all in all had a nice evening.

While I look back at those days with mostly fondness, it was sure a lot of work. Making dinner with my roommates for an apartment full of boys most sundays because we were trying to woo one of them. We made millions of cookies, and ate only a half of them. I don't miss the quote board, but I do miss living with people who think I am funny. There was just something about every silly thing I said being immortalized on the wall for all to see, and I seemed to say a lot more than my memory will admit to. I am glad that we were the best dart players we knew, and think it was awesome that we had a masking tape regulation line in the hallway. I often wonder how I got any homework done because I lived with my best friends, and we did have lots of fun together.

I am glad that I met Justin, and we have the life we have now. But I do kind of wish that I was watching some ridiculous movie on the tiny tv, at 2 am asking each other why we just haven't gone to bed yet, maybe just once more so I can realize I've grown out of that.

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