Thursday, July 7, 2011

Highly Contagious and Makes Our Eyes Water

Simeon was running a fever all day, and since it is hot, it's kind of hard to tell unless it is pretty high. The Motrin and Tylenol were doing okay at keeping it under 100, but after his nap they stopped working.

So, instead of dinner, we went to the insta care. It was surprisingly efficient. Reuben was a dream (Justin was unavailable). Simeon only cried when they tried to clean the wax from his ear to see if it was infected... which it was. But, not it doesn't stop there, he has pink eye. How I went 5 years with Reuben never getting it, I don't know, now we have to try really hard too keep his never-had-pink-eye status.

I decided it would be easiest to go through the drive through at walgreens, I wouldn't have to wrangle the tired boys in the store. Maybe it was just the sugarhouse walgreens, but it was slower than slow. More than made up for the efficiency of the clinic. We finally got some dinner while we waited for the rx to be filled. Then we went back through the drive through. And they were slow, and unprepared again.

We finally got home at 10:30. Reuben was such a good helper holding Simeon's hands while I did the drops. They are asleep, and my eyes are still watering. I really hope we can contain it, I've never had pink eye--allergies are plenty to deal with.


Lark said...

Praying for him.

Lark said...

How is he doing today?