Friday, May 13, 2011

Time Travelers

a11_05_13 082

On Saturday night I heard the neighborhood kids playing night games. And Reuben is always getting sucked into worm holes, and vortexes.

In other thoughts--I am glad they have each other. Reuben had a particularly difficult evening in regards to missing his friends. (This breaks my heart, and reminds me of my only-one-person-shows-up-to-my-birthday-party days.) The neighbor girls don't have room for a five year old boy in their group, but tonight they really hurt his feelings. They thought his chalk was the chalk of the girl that share's our front stoop, so they ran off with it. When Reuben found them and asked for it back they just yelled at him for a while, so I went over there. It was everything I could do to kindly inform them, that it really was Reuben's chalk, and that he would be happy to share it, but we were going in now and he wanted to put it away.

There was some crying, and hugging, and crying. Poor kid. We need a play group really bad. So if you are a mom of one of Reuben's long lost friends, we miss you, and your child! The quote from Reuben was, "We used to have good friends, and good times."

I'm working on it child. I hope we can get it worked out soon.


Tara said...

Oh, this post breaks my heart! We miss you guys so much and Reuben is still a frequent topic of conversation with Adalyn. Remember when they would dance together "like Beauty and the Beast"? Kindergarten with be good for him!

Becki said...

OH my goodness Brecken :( I'm so sorry...that isn't nice at all...and for him to voice his sadness :( Oh man...we're willing to play whenever...we can come up there...we can're welcome here...whatever!?!? But Klous LOVED playing with Reuben...and asks about him!! Good luck...and I'm sorry :(

Morgan said...

this is so heartbreaking!! why do kids have to be so mean? and why do they have to start so young? i know asher would LOVE to have a playdate with reuben... if we're ever in ut will give ya a call!! :)

Lark said...

Get the play group going this week.