Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Simeon Quote Board

2011_04_05 002

He'll be 19 Months in 4 days, and this is his vocabulary.
"MaMa MAMAMAMAMA" means "More, I SAID MORE!" This sometimes includes the sign for more.
"EEEE" means "Please" this always includes the sign for more and a sweet tilty head smile
"GahGAH" means "Pay attention to me."
"Gahgah" means Grandma or Grandpa or breakfast
"Ummmh" means "will you give that to me." This includes pointing and patting his own chest.
"bah bah" means "Bye Bye" It includes a hand clenching wave.
"Uh Oh" means "I just threw that on the ground, and I want you to get it so I can throw it again."
"BAH" means "Bath but don't try to wash my hair because I hate that just watch me play with the bubbles, and don't you dare turn off the water, let it trickle the whole time."

He also signs Milk, Water, Eat, Orange, mine/me, nap, and pick me up.

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