Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trek West

We loaded the truck on thursday, with some help of my dad, President Hanson, Brother Klous, Brother Elverud, The missionaries, and RJ. It was pretty uneventful, with only one causality, but considering that desk had made it through 7 moves, and the causality started on the way down from the sixth floor in New York I wasn't too shocked, or sad. It took an hour and a half, and the 20 foot truck was all the way full. With the TV in the passenger seat.

We rolled out on Friday at 1:30. Dad drove the truck, Mom started out driving the boys and I. It was uneventful, thank goodness. My boys travel pretty well. I took over driving when we stopped for gas. We drove and drove and drove, and made it to Dickenson ND at 10:30. The boys and I shared a queen sized bed. I will not be sharing a bed with both of them ever again. I do love the holiday inn express, that breakfast is so filling, and the inns I've stayed at have been so clean and well kept.

We had our nice holiday inn express breakfast, then got moving around 8. The goal was Billings by 2. We made it with 5 minutes to spare, but our rendezvous was delayed, and then delayed again. We were meeting my uncle and husband there. Uncle Wes was buying a car in Billings, and with a third driver from billings that meant that no one would be in a car alone with the children. The car's engine light was blinking, so before we could leave, Wes took it to the dealer to have it checked. The car got the go-ahead, and we all parted, the same way, but to different destinations. Mom and Dad on to Spokane, Wes with our moving truck to Idaho Falls, and us to Bozeman so we could have a little family reunion at a hotel with a swimming pool.

I used to think Fairfield Inns were so fancy. The bed was comfortable, but the swimming pool was kind of gross. We swam anyway, and just showered really good before we ate our microwave soups. I fell asleep right away, something I have not done without NyQuil or Tylenol PM in two months. (and even then I didn't fall asleep right away).

We ate breakfast, which was better than stale bagels and cold cereal, but wasn't a holiday inn express breakfast. We hit the road around 8:30. The roads for the next hour and half were scary. Snow, slick, slush. We saw one car in the ditch, and it was slow going, but we remained safe. But because the weather was questionable we decided to take the long way to idaho falls (stay on the freeway). So we kept on going to Butte. There is a pretty steep pass right before butte, and that's when our uneventful journey changed.

The car decided to change gears, shifting down and down and not allowing acceleration, until finally we were stalled...almost in the shoulder, but the shoulder was narrow so if we were really all the way over we still would have been in a bad place. We turned off the car, hoping that it would correct itself. We said a prayer, we were two miles away from a parking area, and we figured if we could get there we could figure out what was wrong. Well, we made it up the pass, and then coasted down into Butte. We exited the freeway, and called my uncle. He asked a friend, who said, if the engine light is holding steady just keep going. If it is flashing, don't drive it. So we drove around Butte. The engine light held steady until we went faster than thirty, then it started doing the shifting thing and the engine light flashed. We weren't going to make it on the freeway going 20 mph.

We left the car at the dealership in butte, and rented a car, a van, the life of luxury! We made it to Idaho Falls, with Simeon screaming the last hour.

I got to see two of my cousins, Reuben played with his second cousins, and Simeon cuddled until he was comfortable, and then followed the kids around. We slept there, and well, and left the next morning at 8:30. We got to Salt Lake at 12:30, and it started to sprinkle. The movers came and emptied the truck, I took the boys to a mcdonald's playplace for two hours. When the boys and I got home the truck was empty. Two guys from the elder's quorum in our new ward came and helped take boxes down the stairs, and put together the beds.

We all fell asleep at 9:30 that night.

We've been unpacking or napping or working since. The kitchen is unpacked (except for a few boxes that I can't find.) I went to Ross to buy floor mats, and sheets taking the boys so that Justin could work unpacking. He likes to check on them every 5 minutes so doesn't get much work done when they are home. I went to ikea with a shopping list. The boys and I had lunch there (those fries are good!)

I figured it wouldn't be hard because Reuben would be in the play area, and Simeon would sit in a cart and watch me. But they only take your kid for an hour, and it took me way longer than an hour. I got help with one thing, but couldn't find anyone to help me for the other things. 200 pounds a box, times 10 boxes. Yeah, I am that strong. Not really, I just used my tools. 200 pounds is pretty dang heavy to pull and drop though.

I got it all to the delivery station, and was finally on my way home. Having missed the surprise visit from my sister.

Our new home will be lovely. I hate shopping at ikea, but love their shelves. I'm glad that our 4 day trek wasn't 4 months, and that we had car trouble instead of oxen trouble. It is strange to be in Salt Lake City, I haven't been to any of the parts that I know yet, and I haven't seen anyone yet, but I-15 was very familiar.

We still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, but it is nice to have a kitchen (with a dishwasher!) And my bed, with my husband is pretty nice.


Lark said...

And Karen and Katherine worked as hard as the men did. While Anna took Reuben.

Sandy M. said...

Yay!! You made it to SLC - and to the reunion with Justin! I'm glad to think of you all together again! :)

Becki said...

What an adventure!! So glad you're with Justin and you're a happy family again!!! We really want to see you guys and get together!! So when things calm down a bit...or if you'd like to visit Orem/Provo area...we're down here!! Still in the small, pathetic place...but we're here!! Love you!!

Kay Jones said...

So glad you are all together again. Being apart is no fun. Glad your trip was a success. Where is Justin working?

Tammy Lorna said...

Ahhh! I've been wondering where in the process of moving to SLC you are! Should have just read your blog earlier :)

Oh I'm glad you made it safely. What a drama though - I was a little exhausted just reading it. And I feel like we did at least a little of it together, because I moved a couple of weeks ago, and got all my new furniture from Ikea :) They let your kids stay longer at our Ikea, but I think it's because it's SUCH a massive store, and they have that whole 'you have to walk through the entire store to get out' thing going... and that takes at least 2 hours - so I can only think your store must be smaller than ours :)

With You, Brodi, Peta and Jess all living in SLC, I'm getting quite a little bit homesick for the place. *heavy sigh*

xo Tammy

Justin said...

It is indeed wonderful having the family together! I am working for LDS Media Services (until very recently referred to as LDS Audio Visual)--and working right in downtown SLC.

And Tammy I think another adventurous holiday is on your horizon--perhaps this time you try snowboarding? We could try it all together!