Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joy of LOVE: Who they love

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My boys love each other. It is fabulous to watch them interact. One night, after a particularly frustrating day, I decided to stop fighting with the boys. Instead of trying to get them into their beds, I shut the door to their room and read my patriarchal blessing while I let them play. I was surprised at what happened, all those feelings of "i'm going to rip my hair out" went away, and they were replaced with love. My eyes were opened to the real life manifestation of something in my blessing. I sat and watched those boys play together. Laughing and hugging and wrestling and dumping toys all over the room.

Simeon, as little brothers do, tries to do everything that Reuben does. He watches Reuben's every move, he follows him around. Reuben, unlike older brothers do, loves this fact, even to the point that if he is doing something Simeon shouldn't and we tell him he is being a bad example he will stop and say, "because I'm the bees knees to Simeon."
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