Tuesday, February 1, 2011

joy of LOVE: What they do

I'm doing a free online photo class (you can too if you like). I debated posting it on my photo blog, but this isn't necessarily a how-to-take-better-photos (although there is some of that), but a how-to-take-better-photos-the-people-you-love class. So, the family blog wins.

I'm probably going to being doing it straight out of the camera because of my current computer situation, but that will force me to take better photos to begin with.

Day one: What they do.
11_02_01 011
I like the photo journalistic look to the above. The blocks were Simeon's Christmas present, but he is only attracted to them if they are in tower form or put away in the bag so he can spread them across the room. Reuben, on the other hand loves to build towers with them, and not just "stack one on top of the other" towers. He uses space, and "gravity" as he calls it. I love that you can see the dirty knees on Simeon, because he is walking on his knees and not his feet.
11_02_01 035
The above is another favorite activity, but they seem to do this one better together. Hiding. Simeon follows Reuben around and tries to hide with him, waits until Reuben leaves and then takes the space for himself. Simeon is a little better at hiding because he likes to be by himself, and seeks out small spaces, and will just sit there quietly until someone notices him.
11_02_01 046
Reuben pays attention to small details. He is currently loving cars, and likes to look at them. Simeon, in the background, because that is what he does. He is playing peek-a-boo mostly with himself, and a little with me. I had the 50 mm on so I'm kind of sad that I couldn't have better focus on both of them, but it tells a story this way right?
11_02_01 059
Simeon walking on his knees, finally ready for some mommy attention.
11_02_01 077
The boys cuddling. I tried to catch a "big hug" because that is a lovely sight, but couldn't get one. Reuben and Simeon really do love each other, and will hug each other--usually without tears or grimaces.
11_02_01 112
The boys cleaning up. Simeon loves to do it if he gets to do it with Reuben. Reuben can be talked into doing it if Simeon is going to copy him.

You can tell I was messing with the white balance.

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Kay Jones said...

I like your photos. They do tell a story. I don't know much about photo quality, or balance, or anything, but I enjoy these, and that should be important.