Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joy of LOVE: Gift

11_02_13 066
Remember when you are dating and you tell everyone how you met.

And then you get engaged, and you tell everyone about your ring.

And then you are married and you tell everyone about your ring.

And then you have kids, and you don't get to talk about your ring, or how you met.

I love my ring. It is classic at first look, but no one else has one like it if you look closely. It was more diamond than I expected or thought I deserved, but I love that I have it, and I wash it periodically so it will be extra sparkly. 

Unfortunately, we've never really been in the financial  situation where I could graciously accept the gifts that Justin really really wants to give me. I'm always worried about how much it cost. I hope to some day be able to accept the gift and not worry that it was "this much in groceries." I've almost got Justin trained to spend less on me, but he loves to do it and will slip up every once and a while, which I will admit is nice (but don't tell him that until our student loans are paid off.)

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