Saturday, January 8, 2011

Harry Potter

2010 Sep to Dec 106

My husband has read the Harry Potter Series multiple times. He's even read them to me to help me fall asleep. He owns all the movies that he can, and as seen all the movies he could in their opening week. This has rubbed off a bit on Reuben. He's not read the books, and only seen parts of the first few movies, but like most children with a desire to be like daddy, he will tell you he loves Harry Potter.

So, you can imagine their excitement when we received an invitation to Hogwarts.

One of our childhood friend's was having a golden birthday (Minnesotan for the year you turn the age of the numeral of your birthday, she turned 26 on the 26th.) And, they threw a very impressive Harry Potter Party.

I have the same (maybe lower) opinion of J.K. Rowling as I do of Jane Austen. I congratulate them on their success at selling books. I think some moments, and some movies that are made based on their ideas are intriguing. I understand this alienates people, so I try not to bring it up in pleasant company, and I would never pick a fight with a Harry Potter Fan.

Can you guess who we dressed up as? I'm the least successful, My hair was still wet, and we didn't have any hairspray in the house for me to put a million bouncy curls in my hair. 

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Kay Jones said...

I am also a Harry Potter fan. Lots of good things come from those books, believe it or not. I have three sets of books, 1 is hardback, and 2 sets of tapes. Have loaned nearly all of them out at one time or another.