Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Reuben!

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I gave Reuben four kisses good night, he asked for another one, and I told him he'd get it in the morning when he was five, but couldn't resist and gave him one more kiss.

I love this boy!

The day he was born, when he was awake he refused to lay his head down. Holding it up with little infant quivers, looking around, taking it all in. His eyes are just as blue today, and just as observant. He gets lost in observing things around him, but he is also extremely aware of his environment, of the emotions of others, and never bored. He is wise. He is logical. He is intuitive.

The day he was born he had exhausted me. I was so weak I was afraid to hold him because I thought I would drop him. (I regret this.) He still exhausts me, but he also cuddles with me while I take a nap and he watches a movie. He cuddles with me when he wakes up too early and I try to get those last 30 minutes of sleep. He is so patient with me while I recharge, and understanding of my limitations.

The day he was born he won the love of everyone who met him. He still does that. His little friends adore him. His teacher says he's an "asset to the class." He is kind. He is forgiving. He is friendly. He is interesting.

The day he was born he changed our life. We had new fear. We had new hope. He continues to change our lives. He continues to cause fear. He continues to cause hope. He is smart. He has a burning desire to understand things. He thrives on logical answers to his questions, but still acts on faith. He surprises us with his wit, with his kindness, with his memory, with his creativity. 

"So dream on, sweet dreams tonight
And we’ll dream too a future clean and bright.
Dream on, soon you’ll be standing strong and free
Oh blessed be our newborn babe." -Raffi


johnjen said...

Happy Birthday from your cousins in AZ! We hope you have a fabulous day and send you 6 more kisses! :)

-Aunt Jen

Tammy Lorna said...

Happy birthday beautiful boy!
xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

I keep checking for your next post.... can't wait to read it.... :) :) :) :)

xo Tammy

Rachel said...

Happy birthday Reuben!!!