Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I heart Psych

I love this show.

I have pretty good control over most vices... but TV shows are my addiction. Now with the help of netflix and hulu I only have to watch TV shows that I like rather than just TV... which is an improvement.

So, while I miss "The Middle" for Young Women activities (which isn't on Hulu so I really do miss it because why would we have a dvr or tivo) Psych isn't on until 9, and I am safely home and ready for my Shawn and Gus by 9.


Kourtney said...

I've been watching The Middle from Not sure if it works in the USA but it's worth a shot. Hulu and Netflix don't work here in Israel so if I want to watch anything, I go through sidereel. Not sure how legal it is, but that's another story I guess!

Caroline said...

Haha! Kindred spirit over here. I LOVE PSYCH. SO MUCH.