Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I heart My Husband's Talents

Justin L. Cook Reel from Justin L. Cook on Vimeo.

Thursday is Justin's birthday, so this week of I hearts is dedicated to him.

I am grateful for my husband's talents. He is a creative soul, with plenty of stories locked behind his pacing, we need to motivate him to make his nervous habit typing instead of pacing. He has a wonderful eye for beauty, give him a camera and he can find it. He is wonderful with people, which makes him a good director. And while he doesn't enjoy it, he is pretty good at administration type things.

Have you heard him sing? enough said on that.

He can find something good in just about everything, which makes him kind, forgiving, and generally better than me.

Have you seen him play charades? no, really have you?

He has a talent for being a father. He loves our boys. I love to sit at watch him play with them. Reuben has been on a superhero kick, and Justin is so great about running around with him coming up with new situations.

Have you heard him read?

I'm sure I'm missing talents, because he seems to be an endless well of them. I am so thankful that he has many talents. I spent years trying to hide talents because I felt like people around me thought it made me snooty (which is probably true). But I don't have to hide around Justin because he has just as many (or more) and he likes talented people.


charrette said...

I most heart Justin and his talents because he reminds me so much of Jeff...in all arenas.

Tammy Lorna said...

I love that my best friend has such a talented husband.

It makes him an excellent match for her... :)

xo Tammy