Friday, November 12, 2010

I heart fall and winter beverages

Hot Apple Cider, Hot Orange Drink, Hot Chocolate (with or without whipped cream on top), Mint Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate with a Candy Cane to stir with, Stephen's Raspberry Hot Chocolate, Steamed milk with raspberry syrup, Egg Nog, Pumpkin Shakes.

We found Stephen's Candy Cane Cocoa at walmart today. I have been missing Stephen's hot chocolate ever since we left utah, so you can imagine my surprise with I saw some at Walmart in Northern Minnesota. (They didn't have the raspberry... but this stuff has crushed up candy canes in it that take longer to dissolve so you can get a few crunches out of the peppermint.) We also found Egg Nog.
I did miss Famer's Market hot apple cider. There is just something magical about that spicy apple-y tasting hotness and lovely steam on a cold new york day. But I did microwave me up some apple cider.

I do still need to find my steamed milk. I'm thinking I should take Justin on a date to the local coffee shop on a night where they will have a live performance and get one there. 

And the Dairy Queen Pumpkin Blizzard is pretty darn good. They don't have Dairy Queen in New York City. The Culver's one is even better, but a 90 mile drive just for a pumpkin shake seems a little excessive.

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