Sunday, November 21, 2010

I heart Catching Up

Okay, I've got catching up to do. I know none of you noticed, but I do this mostly for me.

Wednesday I came up with a silly object lesson (I, as a rule, think object lessons are ridiculous.) Anyway, I had the youth do it, and they seemed to like it, even if it was silly. We had the Elders teach us about prayer, they did a great job. So, I am thankful for inspiration, and for prayer. I can't wait until I am thankful for answers to prayer.

Thursday it's my Mom's birthday, and I heart my Mom.  it was a shame the frosting didn't work on her Waldorf Astoria cake. I worked on Reuben's quilt and watched tv after the boys went to bed. I love those hours of me time. The quilt is almost done, I just need to tie it. And, isn't it nice that good Bones recovered from those first couple really disappointing episodes at the beginning of the season.

Friday I played memory with Reuben during Simeon's nap. He actually beat me, and didn't cheat when I told him not to cheat. It is so fun to play games with Reuben, and we are able to add more and more games. Dominoes, Memory, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Checkers, Guess Who. I can't wait until he can play Rack-o and Scrabble with me!

Saturday we had a primary program rehearsal. I was playing the piano for it. It was so fun to see Reuben recite his line, and surprise everyone when he was the first sunbeam to take the microphone and say exactly what he was supposed to say.

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