Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two Harbors, Minnesota

Justin is in New York for the next two months, for a job. Our last saturday together we went to Two Harbors. We started out trying to do the Lake County Historical society stuff, a steam train and depot, a tugboat, the two harbor's light house, and the very first 3M office. It wasn't as interactive, or interesting as we would like, and we seemed to be wasting precious daylight waiting for tours to allow us onto the things. So we went to Lunch, at Betty's Pies. Not since New York have we waited to be seated, but at Betty's Pies there was a half hour wait. But, it was worth it. The food was good, but the pies. Oh, the pie. I had the 5 layer raspberry cream pie. Nice flaky crust, thin meringue, dark chocolate, fresh raspberries, raspberry mousse, and chocolate mousse. Justin had the butterscotch cream pie, which wasn't my favorite, but he loved it.

Then it was out to the Split Rock Light house. This year is it's 100th anniversary, and everything said, "Think of it as one giant birthday candle." Which we did (because it was the day before my birthday). I went down to the shore and had a lovely time taking photos, looking for rocks, and watching Reuben crawl and jump. Then it was up the stairs, and I had a flash back of climbing stairs to our apartment, but we all made it up with little damage. 
Then it was a stop at Gooseberry Falls. Even at 7 PM it was crowded, but we had a lovely walk. Reuben crawled in some caves. Simeon let me take photos of him. And I was struck by my ability to face phobias in order to get a good photo (Brooklyn Bridge, and no cliffs).
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The last stop of the day was Culver's, and yes, I had some custard--I was at Culver's how could I pass it up.

Justin and the boys slept all the way home.


Klous Family said...

Oh the pies! Thanks again for the idea!! These are gorgeous pictures you have posted! Your boys are SO rediculously adorable! Love their sweet faces!!
I'm always home if you guys wanna stop by. Eric has started school now but is home at 3:00!

Justin said...

I loved this day--and I love you! Happy Birthday Baby!!!

emilysuze said...

What a beautiful place! And I love the pictures of you and your boys! Happy belated birthday.

P.S. Sorry Justin has to be gone for two months. :(

Sandy M. said...

What wonderful photos Brecken! I agree that your boys take almost ridiculously good pictures! (Or rather, you do :) I'm glad you had a good day. Happy Birthday! :)
What is Justin doing? Is it for work?


Sandy M. said...

Duh! I just went back and read the first line properly! So instead I'll ask: what is the job? :)

(The word verification I have to type for this is 'egist'. Doesn't that sound like it should be a word? It's not, I just looked it up, but I like the sound of it :)

Mindy said...

Yes really yummy pie! I love that last pic of Simeon with his mouth open, so funny.

Justin said...

I suppose now that I am officially hired I can say it--It's a full-time temporary gig, meaning I work for two months as an immediate replacement fro someone who just left, but it could become permanent. The official title is Digital Coordinator for Visual Arts at Columbia University School of the Arts--helping make sure all of the video labs, mediated classrooms, equipment, etc. are running smoothly.

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken! Seriously some of your best photos here I think! (A close second to some of those photos of the two of us TOGETHER in NY :)). Simeon is looking SO much like Reuben did as he grows up! And I'm so glad you've got a temporary repreive from job worry for now - though I wish it hadn't had to come with the temporary separation. It'll work out in the end I'm sure :)

xo Tammy

PS. So how is twenty-nine? Should I just bury myself in the sand and try to pretend it's not about to happen? lol!