Monday, September 13, 2010

One Year Old(er), and Wiser, too. Happy Birthday *clap* to you!

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We started the day off with a video chat with Daddy, and opened a few presents. We had cake and opened the rest. We then went to walmart with grandma, and stopped at McDonald's for lunch. Reuben played in the play place and loved it...until a little down syndrom boy bit him--twice--to the point of bruises. Once on his chest, and once on his leg. Reuben was trying to crawl over him to get to the slide. I had to explain that not everyone's brains work the same, and some people don't understand the rules as well as others. I was very happy that all of my "scream and run away" instruction payed back and Reuben didn't hit or bite back. Simeon took a long nap when we got home. And we had an easy evening reading books.

Simeon and I shared the same kind of first birthday cake.

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Lark said...

Top 5 photos are of Simeon 2010. Bottom 3 photos are of Brecken at the same age. I loved that frosting at both breakfast parties.

Mindy said...

Really cute Brecken. That last pic of Simeon though, he looks a little like Reuben. Did he get a haircut or something?
I love how Simeon is staring at his cake. He is such a calm kid, nothing phases him. I like that about him.