Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life in a day

We did some video for Life in a Day, and today we found out that it was selected to be in the top 100 hours (out of 5,000 hours submitted.)

If we do make it in we would finally go to sundance.

The content of the video is Reuben playing superhero with daddy. Scriptures. and Goodnight-I-love yous.


Sandy M. said...

Wow, Brecken, that sounds great! Can we see what you submitted? Did you do the shooting?

Dani said...

That's the coolest!

Justin said...

Search jlcinema on youtube and you can see the videos we made that day. I don't know if Life in a Day will delete them once they "own" the clip--it is clip 6 of 7 they are interested in.