Monday, August 23, 2010


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He was watching the birds through the window. He misses chasing pigeons, getting right up next to them before they fly off. Chickadees don't really let you do that. And the squirrels here aren't as brave and vicious as the NYC squirrel, but they stick around a little longer then the birds do.

Justin is working on some radio docs for the local community radio. It's something. He will be good at it. But it is still not what we were hoping for.

I am doing preschool with Reuben, we are up to J. He learns how to write the letter. We read a phonics book about the sound the letter makes. We go on a hunt to find things that start with the letter and then take a picture with all of the things and him. Then he draws a picture in a journal and writes something. Sometimes he asks me how to spell something specific, sometimes he writes random letters he likes to write. He loves it. I love it. Simeon naps through it.

Justin also set up our computer for me, so I have photo shop again. Which will be nice for me (and you if you like looking at my photos.) 


Simeon loves to eat, especially those things he can feed himself. He is getting a little picky, refusing the cheerios if someone has a piece of bread at the table. Refusing the cheerios if some one has goldfish at the table. Mostly he just refuses cheerios and pureed meat, but still he does let his preference known. He knows the sign for "more" and uses it, but after he fusses for a while. I just need to get him to use the sign first and fuss after no one reacts. He pulls himself to standing, occasionally crawls on his knees (if there is something he wants his head a little higher to see.) He sits and laughs at Reuben. He plays catch with himself, picking something up, throwing it, and then laughing as he army crawls to retrieve it and start over.

The children don't seem to know that we are pretty worried. They might when Daddy is gone for a few weeks knocking on doors and trying to find jobs. (This online search has not worked). Really it is lovely here, and if there were anything that could remotely further justin's career, and support our family we would try to make it work, but his career is pretty important and not in northern Minnesota.

Oh, and yes that is a hair cut on Reuben. Both Justin and Reuben asked for one. Reuben wanted to be all the way bald, I went really short, but couldn't go all the way. Justin has the exact same haircut, and is happy that he has aged in the face enough to not look 12 with short hair. Men, and wanting to look older. My birthday will mark two years since I've had a hair cut (that wasn't me trimming the split ends.) It is getting hard to comb. 


Sandy M. said...

Reuben looks so grown up!
Your mothering activities sound so appealing! It makes me very keen for our grandchildren to reach these stages!
I'm sorry it's a worrying time for you... Does me saying that I am completely sure that things will work out well in due time, help at all?


Mindy said...

You should see if Jeremy is around to cut your hair, or come down here there's a beauty school in town. I'd recommend my friend but she is leaving (and she is only 10$ for adult haircuts). I really hope something works out soon. Looking for a job is very stressful...we moved to Idaho without a 100% confirmation he got the job at the time (pended approval from the board).
Sorry, long winded tonight.