Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quote Board

Reuben: Why don't you wear make-up
Mommy: Because it doesn't make me look any better then I already look.
Daddy: Daddy thinks it does, but she already is pretty.
Reuben: I don't think you're pretty.
Mommy and Daddy: What?!
Reuben: I don't like your hair, or your eyes.
Daddy: Reuben, that's not nice, you need to always tell mommy she is beautiful.
Reuben: Well... But, I do like your ears and your nose, even inside of your nose. All the way inside your nose.


Morgan said...

hahaha!!! that is priceless. i love justin's responses.

Cary said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Now THAT is funny.