Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Boys

Simeon thinks Peek-a-Boo is the funnest game ever. His laughter only escalates with each surprise. And if you time it right, he stops laughing in between. Reuben loves to play with Simeon, it is what he has been waiting for these past eleven months.

For the personal progress thing I am doing right now, I am observing and noting the acts of service that happen around me. I am amazed at how willing Reuben is to serve Simeon, he hasn't turned me down once when I asked him to get the pacifier, or get Simeon a toy. I constantly catch Reuben handing crackers to Simeon. If it weren't so traumatic I probably wouldn't even remember those months where my sweet Reuben was acting out because of the addition of Simeon. I'm so glad those days are over. I am also glad that Simeon takes a nap so that Reuben can have that special all-mom's-attention time, and I don't have to do it first thing in the morning anymore.

Simeon lights up when Reuben walks in the room. Reuben can get the biggest laughs. Simeon mimics everything Reuben does. He plays best if Reuben is playing next to him. Reuben's hair is the most fascinating thing to touch, thankfully Reuben puts up with it.

I know every mother thinks she is the luckiest one, but I really am. 

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Tammy Lorna said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing them with us Brecken :) Hopefully there's enough of this kind of sunshine in your life to balance out all of the stress I wish you weren't having to live through at the moment.

xo Tammy