Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Superior: Tall Ships

Saturday we went to Duluth, with the purpose of seeing the Tall Ships. Waking up that morning I had decided not to go based on the expense, but the more I thought about it the more I knew I would regret it. So into the car we got. We decided to park at Canal Park, in hopes that we wouldn't have to pay to get into Bayfront Park but still see the ships, and that was a good idea. 1.50 for two hours, yeah, cheap. While I was waiting in the queue to get into that little cheap parking lot, I kicked Justin and Reuben out of the car so they could get a head start. Reuben led, and they ended up right in front of the parking space I finally got. I was only waiting 10 minutes, I know, nothing.


A minnesota nice guy offered to take a picture of all four of us. Right before he took it he said, "Say Facebook." You had to be there to think it funny, but it was funny, because he was old.
These guys don't have any nostalgic connection to watching the ships go through the canal.
The free view. There were about six docked there at bayfront park, and a few out on the lake. I'm real glad we didn't pay 30 bucks to get into bayfront park, the music and stuff would have been cool, but really, what is the fun of a tall ship with it's sails down?
I have a love hate relationship with bridges. I love the look of them, but I have a phobia of crossing them. This one especially. It is so Duluth (like the Brooklyn Bridge is so New York). But crossing this one is horrible, its narrow, with a grate for the road so it makes this terrifying hollow sound, and it is a hill so you have to vary your speed going across, and it is always crowded.
We ran down to the lighthouse to get some photos of the Tall Ship that was heading into the canal. This is the Roseway. It was built Nov. 24 1925, with 5,600 square feet of sail area.
We went back to the car, and I begged to stay a little longer (we had more time in the parking) so I could take some more photos. The boys obliged me. And, while I may be the only one who would find the next photos worth a half hour, I do find them worth a half hour.
While we were taking these last photos I noticed that the tall ships were going through the canal, so I threw the keys to Justin, and let him go to the car to give the boys a snack, while I ran back to the light house. I got to the canal just as this ship did, and I walked (quickly) with it down the canal. There was a shout, then a louder response shout, and then a boat load of tourist pulled on a rope, and the sails went up, one by one, as they walking-speed made their way through the canal and out to the lake. I got my shots, then back to the car I went. The boys were eating a snack, the AC was running, and while I am told Simeon was screaming because I wasn't there and he squirted juice box all over himself, there were no signs of trauma when I got there.
I loved it. Reuben loved the one pirate ship, with the jolly roger. Simeon loved the shade of the stroller. Justin loved being at a Great Lake, and that I was doing something I wanted to do.

Coming up: I cross the bridge that no matter how well I deal with my phobia, will make me want to vomit. We go swimming in Lake Superior. And we enjoy the luxury of having a vehicle. 

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Sandy M. said...

They are great photos Brecken - well worth the half hour and the day out, I would think! It's nice to see you all well and having fun :)