Friday, July 9, 2010

The Little Girls


These are "The Little Girls." We call them that because they are little.

On her last day here Courtlin got a job. She had the interview while she was driving us all to the beach. There was only one moment during her interview where she didn't stop as soon as I wanted her too and I was scared that we were going to rear end the car in front of us. But, she got the job. Lucky.

Jordan made us chocolate lava cakes. They were delicious. She let Reuben and Alena help her make them. Just thinking about them makes me want fly her back here so she can make me more.

The little girls are planning to go backpacking across Europe next summer. I am going to convince them that they should take me to Australia instead. We would have a lot of fun in Australia.


Mick said...

Stop answering the question or stop the moving vehicle?

Abby said...

Yes yes! - Australia!! I promise you will have lots and lots of fun!! :)

Cary said...

I swear every time I see a picture of Jordan she's wearing different glasses. Way to accesorize, girl - love 'em.

Tammy Lorna said...

Firstly, beautiful photo. You girls look so hot!

Okay, hopefully that's buttered you up a bit, because here's why you should come to AUSTRALIA (with brecken) next summer instead of Europe.....

1) I'm not in Europe, I'm in Australia.

2) If you came to Australia, I would make sure you had an AWESOME time.

3) We have everything here in Australia: Beaches, oceans, mountains, snow, rainforest, bush, desert... pretty much every eco-system.... And we have the barrier reef, which is very cool.

4) Our snakes, spiders, sharks and crocodiles hardly EVER kill people...

5) I'm not in Europe, I'm in Australia.

6) Brecken hasn't seen Australia yet either, so your holiday would double as an act of service, which would pretty much guarentee you a spot in heaven.

7) Europe would be empty anyway - every summer they all come backpacking here... seriously, they do. You know how a recommendation by a famous author is what you want on the back cover of your book? Well, Australia is where the Europeans holiday. (And the Japanese too, just by the way).

7) Europe's really old anyway... lol! (Okay, I pause here to admit that they may have a little more exciting 'art' and 'architecture' in Europe.... but you can just look at it in a!)

8) I've been to Europe and Australia, and I think you should come to Australia. (Europe is AWESOME, by the way, but I think you should lay the foundations with an Australia experience first...)

9) We speak English here. (Sort of).

10) I'm not in Europe, I'm in Austrlia.

Okay, so that settles that then! Just let me know what date you'll all be arriving, and I'll make sure everything is ready for you :)

haha! A girl can dream right?!

xo Tammy

Mindy said...

So I've decided that I like to read your blog partly for your pictures, partly for your writing, and partly for your friend Tammy's comments.
Did you get that much Bookeh naturally or is it partially edited?