Friday, July 16, 2010

Life is Slower Here

Fear not, we are still here. Life is just slower, and I am enjoying it. (That is the excuse I have settled on.)

Reuben, Simeon, and I laid out on a blanket and read for an hour. Reuben protected Simeon from the ants.  I read and read, Reuben flicked and flicked, Simeon sat there and touched the books. Life is like that here.

My other excuse is, I don't have MY computer set up here. That poses a few complications to the blogging every day expectation. While Justin does not have a job, he is always working...on his computer, so when it is my turn I'm too tired to blog, or we are watching Hulu. Also, I don't have photoshop on Justin's computer and I do not like iphoto. (If you can tell me how to view my photos full screen without having to go to slide show, and preferably be able to edit at the same time I would love to know how.)

I continue to receive the blessing of apathy, which makes for a pretty boring reactions to daily life.

We are still hoping for some good news. Justin contacted the department head who said there was no official decision made yet (read: Justin still has a chance). If it is at the top of the Dean's to-do list we could hear next week, if it is not, it could me a month. Meanwhile, we get closer and closer to me applying at walmart and target. 


Sandy M. said...

But how will you lay on a blanket and play with your boys if you are working at Target or Walmart? :)
I hope something comes up for you soon :)
Meanwhile, it sounds as though you are enjoying a pleasant interlude at your parents'.


Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken - your 'life is slower here' thing sounds SO fabulous! Enjoy it enjoy it enjoy it! I'm sure before you even have time to blink you'll be back into a life of frazzled business and you'll be looking back on this with such a fond yearning :)

Glad you're still alive :)

xo Tammy