Monday, July 26, 2010

Job Front

Still no news from the dream job. (We are hoping no news is good news, but the hope is fading as they start school in three weeks.)

A part-time job in the Bronx has asked for an interview. Too bad it's part-time (and in the bronx), a flight back just won't work for that, but Justin is going to see if he can do a video chat interview.

I got a  calling. First Councilor of the Young Women's. (Tammy, Tara, and anyone else I've discussed callings will, go ahead and chuckle.) When the call was extended he mentioned 2 weeks or 6 months (meaning he knew I might only be here for two weeks), but it didn't foster much hope that we would be on our own by the end of August. I'm excited to work with the presidency, and I look forward to getting to know the girls, But, I would much rather Justin had the perfect job, or at least a job in his field that could sustain us.

One of my high school chums has been a photographer for a local studio, and is moving, I might go poach his job. I would just hate to leave my boys, really I love being a stay at home mom, but those student loan payments are going to wipe us out if we don't start worrying about them now.

We watched a movie about the depression (okay it was Kit Kitridge American Girl) It got us really depressed. (imagine that.) But the 25% unemployed made it through that, maybe we can make it through this. Thank goodness for family who can help us out, so we don't have to take in boarders who steal what little money we have left and frame the friendly hobo kid.


Erika Hill said...

On a somewhat trivial note, wasn't Kit Kittridge much better than you expected? I had low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised.

Good luck with the continued job search! It sounds like a standard answer, but things will work out as they should.

Justin said...

Absolutely had low expectations and we were pleasantly surprised as well--and the casting was great. Another film I had higher expectations for and was disappointed was "The Spiderwick Chronicles"--and I am sorry , that is not a PG rated film. Just because they use green goo instead of blood doesn't soften the emotional impact of the carnage.

emilysuze said...

Fingers crossed that no news is good news.

Jessica said...

I hope things work out. Job searches are incredibly frustrating. Hopefully it's actually true that good things come to those who wait!

Mindy said...

We should have had you take our family picture and paid you for it. Dang. Chad said that would have been a good idea--why didn't we think of it before we left town?!