Saturday, July 17, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencil T-Shirts


I'm a sucker for craft blogs, especially if those craft ideas are shared by design mom. Well, the freezer paper t-shirts have been circulating, and so when my sisters wanted a reunion t-shirt, my suggestion was accepted.

The thing they don't make clear on the blogs is: YOU IRON THE FREEZER PAPER ON TO THE SHIRT. You cut the stencil on the freezer paper, and then you iron the plastic side onto the shirt. the stencil doesn't move, you don't have to hold it down, or stress that it is going to shift. You paint, and then you peel the freezer paper off. (Its easier to peel if you don't let the paint dry completely first.)

So, now the four of us have t-shirts with our silhouettes on the back, and I've got more ideas---just need the shirts.


Margo said...

The shirts look amazing. NY misses you; come back soon!

Tammy Lorna said...

Brecekn - these shirts are so cool! I love them! :)

xo Tammy

PS. I have no idea what freezer paper is though... I suspect we have a different name for it here in Oz?!

PPS. Never mind anyway though - I don't plan to be making them anytime soon... too busy trying to follow through on the 'get social/get married/have kids/quit work/make cool t-shirts' plan... :)

Love you!

Rachel said...

Did you know? I read your blog because I love you and your family. It makes me so glad to see how the boys are progressing. It fills me with happiness to see my childhood best friend with such an amazing wife! But I've gotta tell ya, your blog is like a drug for me as well. It inspires so much creativity in me that I depend upon it for imagination fulfillment. Love the Justin self-portrait. Love all of your photographs. And Love the t-shirts. Like your friend Tammy, though, I need to know what freezer paper is!