Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Judy

Grand Rapids is the Birthplace of Judy Garland. There is a museum made from the house the Gumm's lived in, connected to a children's discovery museum.

The Judy Garland Festival used to be a huge thing. Parades, real live munchkins, Mickey Rooney, free screenings of the Wizard of Oz at the movie theater.

I saw that there was going to be a free petting zoo at the children's museum, so we went. Reuben got to ride on a pony (and he still wants to be a cowboy when he grows up). Then we went into the museum, where they had cake. "Happy Birthday Judy!" It said on the cake. Then I realized this was the Judy Garland Festival. Some friends met us there, and we did everything again.

Reuben has been talking about it ever since, he had so much fun. He didn't care one bit that there wasn't a parade, that there was only the scarecrow instead of all four characters, he didn't miss the munchkins. He loved every second of it. 



Mindy said...

It's fun Reuben gets to play with Eric. I heard the real festival was moved to the cities this year...munchkins are getting old and dying these days.

meg said...

i'm finally coming onto your blog to say hello! you have such a cute family--it was fun to see you in new york and to actually meet you, brecken. our blog is

meg said...

oh, and that judy garland sounds like it used to be incredible. glad reuben still had a great time--i love that about kids.