Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free entertainment

Just when I started to miss street performers--well, really I don't miss them very much, but it makes for a better story if I do. Yesterday afternoon the Library had a Juggler come.

The difference between a street performer and a guy who has already been paid is the build up to the money tricks. Those guys in central park who do the unison jokes and walk around the crowd with the buckets, before one of them makes the long jump, seriously 10 minutes of build up until they think they've gotten all the money they can get. Guy who is paid by the library--I'm going to attempt to do this, and then he does it.

Also, at the library you can check out free tickets to go to the local attractions. So, I will take Justin to the Judy Garland Museum--because we can go for free. And, we will go to the Forest History center on the Pie day. And, even Split Rock Lighthouse.


Jessica said...

That guy looks exactly like one of my cousins. Creepy. I'm fairly sure my cousin hasn't taken up knife juggling or fire juggling, but maybe I should double-check.

Mindy said...

Will you send me a list of free stuff going on at the end of July beginning of August to my fb acct? Please?