Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Down By the Bay


We went for a walk, and stopped at the bay. I was amazed at all the dog droppings, apparently you don't have to clean up after your dog here, or if you do it's not enforced at all.

Reuben searched the grass for pebbles so he could make ripples. Then he followed a frog around until it finally jumped into the water. We washed his shoes in the lake and walked home trying to avoid the droppings.

It is extremely quiet. Quiet is easy to forget, and just as hard to get used too as loud is. We get the occasional bird, or frog. But not a constant buzz of traffic, blaring sirens, church bells, or practicing Manhattan School of Music students. The quiet is nice, and strange at the same time.

Justin continues to apply for jobs, and prepare for his interview.

Simeon finally (kind of) crawls. He still won't attempt to use his knees, but at least he is moving.

Reuben has found some friends. This after a break down caused by getting fingers shut in the screen door but ending in, "When do we get to go back to New York and see my friends."

We look forward to summer, and knowing were we will get to go next.


Michael Moore said...

Are you guys applying for anything in the Minneapolis area? Give us a call if you are coming through here!

Cary said...

I used to think that having to pick up after your dog was disgusting but now after living in many, many big cities, I think that those who don't pick up after their dogs should be punished with doggy doo-doo duty for a month! Bahahaha (evil laugh)

Erika Hill said...

Yeah, I think that regardless of laws/enforcement, it just seems like common decency to pick up after you dog.

I'm happy that all of you get to experience quiet now. Good luck with the job hunt!

Sandy M. said...

I like that you are still 'the Cook Shack', where ever you are living :)

Tammy never did crawl really. She used to roll everywhere up until she walked!

Where we live there is no law about removing your doggie's do's! There are lawns and gardens everywhere, and things break down and 'return to nature' very quickly anyway... :) I imagine those laws are needed more where there is a concentrated population, and lots of concrete!

When Neil completed his accounting degree, he applied for and missed out on several jobs that we thought would have been great - befoe he was given a much better job than what we had imagined, and we realized that Heavenly Father had it all in hand the whole time.. :)