Friday, May 28, 2010

So it's not lost forever: First Trimester with Reuben.

I found this while purging and packing. It is a page from a prenatal prep book I got when I was pregnant with Reuben.

"I found out I was pregnant with you on May 2, 2005. 
The first person I told (other than Justin who was there when I found out) was Tammy Munro, my best friend and support in Provo. Next I told Talyn because she was going to Fiji. We waited a couple days and then my Parents and Emily and Andrew, and Daddy's Parents. 
My doctor's name is Wayne Young.
My due date is January 5, but the doctor said you are three days younger.
I love to go to the doctor to hear your heart beating. It is very strange to think that you are living and growing inside of me. I'm not always sure what to do--but I try  to make sure you are safe and have everything you need. Daddy and I will always try and do that for you. I'm glad I haven't been sick and that being pregnant can just be exciting. "
The funny thing is, I remember it was more scary to go off of birth control than it was to actually find out I was pregnant. When we went off of the BC I didn't have insurance, I was working for WGU but without benefits. I got benefits a few months after we decided to open our family to a baby, so finding out I was pregnant was wonderful.

I seem to remember that Tammy guessed, and that is why I told her.  

In hindsight I should have had a different doctor.

I am going to lie the next time I'm pregnant so that the doctors think the due date is 8 days later then their formulas would make it seem so I don't have to argue with them about inducement. Due dates are a bunch of hooey.


Talyn said...

Next time I'm not telling the nurse that I'm ready to push. I'll just keep quiet about it so they don't boss me on the pushing.

Tammy Lorna said...

haha :) It's true that I guessed. But then, I seem to remember asking you on a pretty regular basis (5 minute intivals perhaps?), so there was bound to be a pretty good chance I'd find out not long after you. Besides, you have a terrible poker face :)

Actually, your poker face is pretty good. It's that slight paniced moment of 'should I shouldn't I' that gives you away. haha!

But seriously. How exciting was THAT moment?! I was so so thrilled, and I wasn't even the one 9 months away from having a baby! What a wonderful wonderful moment. I can't remember ACTUALLY crying, but I sure remember feeling like I was going to. I was so happy for you guys :)

xo Tammy

PS. I would have figured it out anyway... us Godmothers have a magic gene... We always know :)

Margaret said...

I couldn't agree more-- both my c sections were due to ridiculousness about inductions and due dates.

Michael and Natalie said...

A-FREAKING-men to lying about due dates! They used to let you go two weeks over before they tried to induce you, now the popular consensus with docs is 1 week over!