Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We've got family coming for justin's graduation. Today we are starting to pack. What a mess. But it won't be as messy when we take the recycling down.


Kay Jones said...

So where will you move to, and be living? You have done really well, and I've loved your blog.

emilysuze said...

When are you leaving the city? Good luck with all the packing. One of the biggest perks of being military is that someone comes and packs up for us. :)

Have fun with family in town!

Morgan said...

ugh! packing... it sucks so bad. i was so busy and stressed with the packing yesterday that i didn't even have time to think about the flight with 3 little boys and how to entertain them. whoops. good luck with the packing and the move!!

Sandy M. said...

Ewooh! Brecken - we all know where you are - and can only commiserate and encourage you to gird up your loins.. then pack them away! On the bright side - Justin is graduating!! Family are coming :) - And we can probably all benefit from a clean out occasionally.
(This reminds me a little of that contraption you told me about that cleans out the children's noses when they have a cold - you said it was gross, but better afterwards :) Only.. I'm not really cheering you up, am I? Um.. My advice is to get someone to tell you a really funny joke every hour or so. Not me, obviously, but someone who is funny...
Good luck! I'm thinking about you all :)


Tammy Lorna said...

I feel so sad to think of you moving! Now that I 'know' what your life is really like, it seems terrible to think that you're about to move to a whole new situation, and yet again, your life will be a mystery to me! *heavy, dramatic sigh* :)

Oh, and it's sad that you have to pack. Because that's NO fun!

Wish I was there to help pack and scrub. With a bit of fabulous music and a constant stream of conversation, it's possible almost to forget that you're even packing at all.

I think if I ever have to move anywhere, I'll have to fly you out to keep me company and provide the necessary distraction.... :) Mind you, if I get to see you every time I move, I may start moving on a weekly basis.... which would bankrupt me.... so that plan need a little more work....

love you!
xo Tammy