Friday, May 7, 2010

Jane Austen Ruined Romance

Pride and Prejudice is meant to show the flaws in those characteristics--not to be some romantic ideal that is then copied and pined after.


Sense and Sensibility.

Just saying: RUINED ROMANCE! Sure they end nice, but at the cost of ruining romance. Romance is not finding out you actually love someone when you thought you hated them. It is realizing that this person you like is someone you actually love. It is not keeping secrets. It is an overwhelming desire to share everything. It is not keeping trinkets. It feels permanent so doesn't induce hoarding.

All of those things mistaken for romance are called CONFLICT. Conflict is different than romance. Conflict is a tool writers use to increase interest--to get published, or made into a movie.

We watched New Moon tonight. That is not romance. That is conflict, and stupid on steroids and bad make-up. If you are an English major and read all those Twilight books you realize that they are based on a few classics--that are not romances. Pride and Prejudice which is a cautionary tale. Romeo and Juliet: a TRAGEDY. Wuthering Heights which is a Gothic Novel (about monstrous things people do to each other.) And, A Mid-Summer Night's Dream which is a Comedy--meaning a tragedy that ends without everyone dieing. These are important books to read, but you have to understand them.

Conflict makes a lot of money--millions to be exact. True romance is quiet and unassuming. It feels good. It makes both involved happy. It is slow. It is comfortable. It is often boring. It grows. It comes in relationships that are allowed to exist without conflict. It does not make money in and of itself--and that is why so many of our generation are confused because we refuse to be taught by real life, and rely on the media to teach us. And even if we don't, we still have that unspoken ideal that was implanted by Jane Austen.

Okay, it wasn't just Jane Austen, she is just the most specific example I could think of, and using her will produce the most comments.


Tammy Lorna said...

haha! Brecken, you make me laugh with your Jan Austen Rants :)

I love your definitions of love, and I have to agree with your literary breakdowns because they're well written and have flawless logic.

But I still love Austen, and I always will :) I think it's love too :)

But we can hate Wuthering Heights together if you like, because I HATE that book!

xo Tammy.

PS. I was wondering what on earth had prompted such a rant, and was utterly delighted to realize that it was New Moon. haha! ... maybe you should visit Forks.... The post written after visiting that place would probably be worth a Pulitzer :)

PPS. I really did like your descriptions of love. Totally cute. Chapter one of our book maybe? lol!

Jessica said...

I cannot believe you just compared Jane Austen to New Moon! However, knowing your level of malice towards Jane Austen, I'm not even going to bother arguing with you. It would have no effect whatsoever.

Cary said...

Finally. Someone that sees what that ridiculous Twilight trilogy really is: a rip-off of every cliche, vomit-inducing romance ever created. Not a drop of originality in it. Ugh.

Lark said...

We were just watching a 1971 production of Persuasion last night. One of us fell asleep and the other endured to the end. The problem is. love sick anxiety can't be acted out. If your heart has ever been sick over love you know what it is like. Jane Austen must have known but the makers of movies can't seem to direct it or act it very well.

Talyn said...

Amen that there is no romance or love in Twilight.

I can't tell the difference between the characters in Austin movies and have never read any of her books, so I will just assume you're right and use it as an excuse never to read them.

Heidi said...

Enjoyed your vent. Thanks for reconfirming what LOVE is, or what it is meant to be in or out of the media. Good thoughts! :)

Heidi said...

and...WISH there were MORE good movies out there! Need many more examples of reality, the warm your heart and learn real-life good stuff parts. (And that is why our dear husbands are in the business! To make GOOD entertainment!) :) Yay!