Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Day I Hoped Wouldn't Come

Tammy Packed. I introduced her to yet another show that will be hard for her to watch (Leverage--seasons one and two are on Netflix). The question of the moment is: What did the bags actually weigh?

Then off to Artopolis, for one last bit of the heaven ice cream.

And a strawberry pecan crepe. That was as good as the ice cream. I made the heaven on a plate face with my first bite. Luckily I have a month to fit a few more trips in--its a shame it took this long to find out these too ecstasies existed.

Then for the dreaded moment.

We didn't even have to hail a cab, one just came straight up to us. And with that she was gone. I mopped all the way home, Reuben telling me that it would be okay, that we could go find friends at the park.

There was so much we ran out of time to do, and really nothing beats a conversation with someone who just knows. It was odd that all though we have been apart for almost four years, it didn't matter at all. All that stuff that happened was strangely shared between us. Now, to pay back the loans so I can go visit her.


Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken. I was terribly 'mopy' in the taxi all the way to the airport too. I didn't even have Rebuen to take me to the part to help me find some new friends :)

Thank you SOOO much for everything. I just had the most wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time with you. And you're right, nothing really beats a conversation with someone who 'just knows' and you 'just know' so much :)

I'll send any fabulous script ideas I have through to Justin so he can sell a script and get rich, and bring you HERE :)

Thank you dear heart! A fabulous trip! Let's make sure it's not another 4 years before it happens again :)

xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh, and PS: My smaller bag was 17kgs (so under) and my big bag was 25kgs (so over). But I kept up a steady stream of talking and smiling, and she didn't seem to notice. She just put them both through. *heavy sigh of relief*. I had luggage angels watching over me on this holiday - I didn't get zapped with late fees ONCE, and I totally deserved them, SEVERAL TIMES! haha!

xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

PPS. I want some more strawberry & pecan crepe.... as in, I REALLY want some of that crepe...

PPPS. I think I've caught up on all my comments in your previous posts now! :)

Heidi said...

What a fabulous series of blog posts to capture your amazing time together. How fun!! Congrats on tasting and enjoying NYC right before you prepare to depart. We'll miss you (but look forward to hearing all about your upcoming adventures!) Yet there's time for a playdate before...I hear Ruben was wishing on a star to see Lilly... maybe at Artopolis!? :)

Sandy M. said...

Brecken, you are SO welcome to come for a visit, anytime :)