Monday, April 26, 2010

Riverside, St. John's, Sookk

Thursday I showed off our neighborhood in all its glory. We walked through Riverside Park to pick Reuben up from preschool. The icecream truck just happened to come, and Reuben was granted a wish by his godmother:

We walked through the farmer's market, and then through Columbia.We went over to The Cathedral of St. John's the Divine.

Then we went to get the $7 lunch at Sookk. I love that place, I have never been disappointed there, and you can't beat a whole meal for seven bucks. While we were eating the clouds rolled in, and we decided to go home and watch "You've Got Mail."

We were walking down 110th, a street that I have walked down a few hundred times, but because Tammy was with me, I saw something I had never seen before on 501 Cathedral Parkway:

I love having Tammy here! This day was such a "regular day" for me, not that I go to lunch, or St. John's that often, but just having Tammy there for my walk to pick up Reuben, through the farmer's market, and Columbia (which I do do on a regular basis) was so enjoyable. She keeps saying things "I love your neighborhood" and "I love New York." and "It really is beautiful" etc. We are taking her grocery shopping today, I'll have her push the cart home so she can say "It really is beautiful, but you are right groceries are a pain."

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Tammy Lorna said...

How cool was it that the George Gershwin lived in that building?! I LOVE Rapsody in Blue - one of my all time favourite compositions :)

xo Tammy

PS. I love spending time with you too! And I really do think you have a wonderful life. I even loved grocery shopping today (was there ever any doubt I would?) Good thing we had Justin there to push the cart home... ;)