Tuesday, April 13, 2010

nail biting

I caught them, unprompted, doing the same thing. They get it from their daddy, who has been biting his nails what little time he has been spending with us. Friday is his deadline. He assures me that he will be done, and have his scripts handed in on time. I'm betting that he will make it, he has an uncanny ability to have things like this work out for him.

I just don't know if the rest of us will make it.


Sandy M. said...

Lol! Such a cute picture :)

(Brecken, I was lucky to have even one cute picture of me as a child, or even one of each of our children - and you just turn them out, day in and day out! You are a remarkable woman!! :)


Lisa Brown said...

That is the cutest picture! I love it!

Tammy Lorna said...

2 SLEEPS TO GO BRECKEN! Ahhhhh! Can you even believe it?! I'm SOOOO excited to see you all! AHHHHHH! :) I was reading the Felt 30 Quote wall book last night in nostalgic preparation, and guess what... I'm TOTALLY ready to see you again!

xo Tammy

PS. Do you have all my flight details and everything okay?! I'm still thinking I'll just catch a taxi to your house - which should be pretty easy..... VERY EXCITING! AHHHHH! :)


PPPS. And yes, I reckon Justin will get it all done on time. But you'd better find a way to survive it too, because uf I can survive a cruise in order to get to the B&J part of my holiday, then you'll need to be alive for my arrival too :)

PPPPS. Very cute photo again, as usual :)

PPPPPPS. Ahhhhh! 2 sleeps to go! woo-hoo! :) :) :)