Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jordan's Sunday

Sunday morning we went to Central Park, and I used my sister to take photos of us. We then enjoyed 4 hours of General Conference while eating Easter candy. We had our Mexican Breakfast at 9PM, but it was still Easter and still good.

I love the 70s of Central Park. I heard Bethesda described as the living room of central park, and it really is my favorite. The lake, the statue, the arcade. Interesting thing I learned: the Bethesda fountain was the only statue in the original plans of the park. It was sculpted by the first woman to work on a government-funded project.

Cherry hill is pink, its the perfect time to go. 

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Sandy M. said...

BEAUTIFUL family pics! :)
Isn't Reuben suddenly looking so much like a bigger boy in some of them!
What a beautiful and fine-looking family you are :)


Rachel said...

You all are gorgeous!

Bob said...

Wow, these are beautiful family shots. We got some done recently ourselves. Our families continue to live parallelish lives--we both left Utah to live on the East coast, we both have two cute sons: we are obviously destined to be BFF.